Estate Planning and Insurance Needs Analysis

ESTATE PLANNING:  There is a widely believed misconception that estate planning is for the wealthy.  In fact, it's not!  Estate Planning involves a lot more than setting up a common will or trust to dispose of your assets upon death.  In addition to wills and revocable trust, estate planning involves creating a health care directive (living will) and a durable power of attorney for each spouse.  A good estate plan will help you to accumulate wealth, minimize transfer and income taxes, and provide a legacy to those whom you care about most.

While  INNSBRUCK FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS LLC are not attorneys, we can help you discuss your estate planning needs and make sure they fit into your financial plan.  Then, we will work with your attorney to execute your plan.

INSURANCE NEEDS ANALYSIS:  The stock market may be risky, but early death or health problems can be worse.  INNSBRUCK shows clients how they can protect their family with analysis for life, disability and long-term care insurance needs.

The LIFE insurance analysis  will consider different assumptions and allow clients to choose which financial goals to fund in the event of premature death. 

The DISABILITY insurance analysis will help identify needed income replacement for different time periods of one's life.

The LONG-TERM CARE needs analysis shows the difference between buying a policy to pay for the care or paying for the care from your own assets.